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Whether spring pilgrimage pilgrimage Beijing 2016

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2016

Whether spring pilgrimage pilgrimage Beijing 2016

New Year this time not only in tray packs or continuous unionists visited relatives. Pleasant spring air, put on my robe sky land of a thousand beautiful flowers together is a chance both spring travel, attended the grand festival to record the memorable moments of union members of the family. This spring, let's explore Victoria Tour famous festivals throughout Northern offline.

Huong Pagoda Festival

Huong Pagoda Festival starting 6th January and lasted three months. During the festival, pilgrims flock to the bustling atmosphere make extremely busy. Ceremony was held temple extremely solemn and sacred. God temple with the procession and the procession text. Procession with poise staging empty flag ahead, bustling festival orchestra followed footsteps. Temple with incense-burning ceremony, flowers and fruits, is running with Buddha. Pilgrims from around the center part praying religion of peace, career advancement. In addition, the Perfume Pagoda attracts many tourists all over the screen to sing opera, song writer, legendary swimming, hiking, ...
In addition, the Spring Pilgrimage, you can admire the Huong Tich cave was named Male first natural streams Afternoon, Hinh Bong Thien Tru Pagoda, Temple Yun Song ... and white blossoming apricot flower forest watching the sky. Air white flowers with green hills in spring smog creating fairy scenes.

Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival

Mountain populations Bai Dinh Pagoda is located in Chang'an Mountains, west of Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh. In 2003, Bai Dinh pagoda building new parks, setting many records as bronze Buddha Asia's largest gold-plated, bronze Maitreya Buddha Asia's largest, Luohan corridor ... Asia's largest water garden scene majestic, charming and sedentary Buddhist space gives you the feeling of peace and relaxation.
Bai Dinh pagoda festival usually starts from the 6th of January and lasts until the end of lunar March. Pilgrimage for peace, worship the most sacred temple Vietnam makes spring more perfect family. 6th morning, people visit the temple eagerly, thousands of monks respectfully Buddha incense, tribute monk Nguyen Minh Khong, god Cao Thuong Ngan Son and Holy Mother. Visit the festival, pilgrims have the opportunity to review the history of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu a glorious time.

Yen Tu Spring Festival

Ca dao sentence: "One hundred years of religious merit. Never go Yen Tu tu no results ", so pilgrims Yen Tu became the wish of many pilgrims towards Buddhas. Yen Tu Festival festival on January 9th annual equally sacred. In the ceremony, the ceremony monks pray for peace, pray for prosperous country, and sealed the opening set for the applicant blessing ceremony. Joint Meeting takes place very lively with unicorn dance, drum jubilant, singing musical repartee very attractive.
Pilgrimage Yen Tu, you had occasion to visit Giai Oan Pagoda, Phu Van Pagoda (Hoa Yen) ancient, looming in the clouds, and to the same temple situated atop towering mountain to pray lucky, blessed.

Opening press Tran Temple

Tran Temple Festival opening set which is a traditional custom of Nam Dinh. Many years ago, increasingly famous festival, attracts a lot of people around to ask publication. True 00-hour day annual full moon in January, the elders gathered in the temple to celebrate the Holy Ancient Chen Zemin. Most village elders stand out ceremony, then everyone procession to the temple Thien Truong press open press. Finally, the people in the temple sealed lip on gold paper distributed to people to attend the festival.
Opening press should take place between the night of the influx of people also flocked to the temple early. In nearby boisterous drumming, people eagerly awaited desire to cover holding meaningful leaf publications. The applicants believe leaf publications publications Tran temple brings mercy, fortune, avoid risks in the new year.