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A Unique Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang

Ngày đăng: 11/02/2016
With impressive ecological diversity and wild natural beauty, Trả Sư cajuput forest has long been a tourist destination in Châu Đốc - An Giang Province on the Mekong Delta.
Just 10 km from the Vietnam – Cambodia border, it is a special-use forest covering 1,500 ha (including 845 hectares of core area and buffer zone of 643 ha) located in proximity with other tourism sites like Cam Mount, Sam Mountain and Tuc Dup Hill. This area is ideal not only for outdoor adventure and Eco- Tourism, but also for scientists to conduct research on the environment and the unique ecosystem of the region.
Recognizing the importance of forest conservation linked with tourism development, An Giang – a Province on the  Mekong Delta has opened tourist access routes by both land and water to the forest, initiating the upgrade of 3.4 km of Muong Tien Highway. The province also has increased investment in infrastructure supporting the management and protection of Tra Su Forest at Chau Doc.
The best time to visit Tra Su is from September through the end of the year, when water floods the entire area of the forest, creating many unforgettable scenes. For other times of the year, especially during the dry season, visitors can only access a few sites of the forest and there are strict rules for fire prevention.
The most memorable way to travel through the forest is by motor boat or small rowboat, along the small canals lining the forest. There are seemingly endless stretches of green water-fern, colonies of thousands of white storks covering the edge of the forest, and many other species of birds, forest animals and fish.
From your boat, you can pause to admire bees nests packed with honey at the tops of cajuput trees. In flood season, visitors can enjoy many delicious local specialties such as fried fish or chicken stew with shoots. At the centre of the forest, tourists can climb a 25 metre high sightseeing tower equipped with a telescope for views over the entire area. Apart from the expanse of forest, like a green carpet, you can often see flocks of birds, as well as getting a look at the giant Buddha statue on Cam Mountain.
Travelers on forest tours with Vietnam Tour can also visit the Khmer and Kinh villages around the forest, to explore the local traditional handicraft of weaving Khmer silk, or local production of honey or cajuput oil. Tra Su Forest is increasingly popular among nature lovers, and welcomes all visitors to come and explore.