Branch Company Limited A Member State Trading Investment & Tourism Shengli operation with Victoria Tour brand, was founded in 1997 operates under license of Business Travel International No. 01-270 / 2015 / TCDL GPLHQT. Victoria blocks Alliance Tour in Vietnam Cooperative, owned by the State system. Victoria Tour organizes program Inbound Tourism, Outbound, Inbound markets Korea, Japan, China, France, Germany ... etc, selling Land International Tour countries: South Korea, Thailand, Singapore - Malaysia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Hong Kong - Macau, Japan, China ... vv


Victoria Tour thank our customers, partners contacted, Victoria Tour are trademarks of Branch Company Limited A Member State Trading Investment and Tourism Shengli. Established since 1997, owned by Union Cooperative Vietnam, operated under license of Business Travel International number: 01-270 / 2015 / TCDL GPLHQT.
In addition to organizing the program for Vietnam travel hotel in Vietnam and Vietnam travel deals Abroad (Outbound), the Tour of Victoria was one of the longtime organizational unit welcomed international delegations to Vietnam (Inbound) in some markets, such as China, Taiwan, Singapore - Malaysia, Germany, France, Japan, Russia ....
Over the years,
Victoria Tour is very much trusted international partners and service users in Vietnam. We are a team of senior, experienced a desire to cooperate with the Unit.
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Headquarters: 149 Giang Vo Street, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Ha Noi: Toa Nha D17 Duong Tho Thap Street, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
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